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Fire accidents at home usually starts at the kitchen since there’s a lot of cooking equipment that involves fire. It should be realized that these kind of fire accidents can be prevented. It is important for homeowners to be knowledgeable in preventing fire as well as the techniques in fighting a kitchen fire. Mentioned below are some guide or tips that will help you to determine the safety measures in case a fire has ignited accidentally.You don't have to become a firefighter to know these tips.



  • Never leave your children unattended at the kitchen, make sure that matches and lighters are far from their reach.


  • Fat buildups in the hob and grill can cause fire that is why you have to keep them clean.


  • Keep curtains away from electrical appliances.


  • Keep the electrical leads, tea towels and clothes away from the cooker since this can be a major fire starter.


  • Avoid wearing loose clothing because this can easily catch a fire.


  • Make sure that your fire blanket and fire extinguishers are be easily reached or found in case of emergency.


  • Always remember to turn off the electrical appliances once you’re done using them.


  • Having a smoke alarm with a hush button is useful in the kitchen because you can easily turn it off when it accidentally turn on while you are cooking.


  • Common fire starters are overloaded sockets, make sure that you have a specific socket for large electrical appliance such as the refrigerator.


  • Make sure that you keep the local fire stations number visible in order to easily contact them in times of need.


  • Have an escape route ready and make sure you practice it with your family.





Here are some tips in dealing with kitchen fire:



  • In order to avoid getting yourself burned by an object or appliances that is on fire do not touch them.


  • Never lean over the pan if you should turn off the heat while reaching for the controls.


  • Get everyone out of the house and call the fire department.


  • Always remember that there are professionals tasked to help you put out the fire, just call the local fire station immediately.


  • Never use water if you are dealing with an electrical fire.





In order to prevent fire accidents, it is important that you pay attention to these guidelines. It is advisable that you get informed about how you deal with these kind of accidents. Be responsible enough to decrease your chances of being in this situation, prevention is always better than cure.